About the Author

Gary Simons was a 30 year veteran of the classroom before retiring. Teaching History is his first love but over his career he has taught over 35 different subjects and levels at schools in Toronto, Eastern Ontario, on exchange in Australia, and on-line. This diversity of experience has given Gary a wide perspective and understanding of the teaching-learning dynamic. Gary has experimented with just about every form of teaching: traditional classroom work, small team work, simulations, hands-on learning and multiple intelligences strategies, developing cognitive skills and inquiry skills, collaborative projects, mastery learning and credit recovery programs, computer based instruction, whole class projects, and mega projects involving an entire school. He has been an associate teacher for Queen's University, Nippissing University and Potsdam SUNY and has worked with many teacher-candidates as well as dozens of colleagues, helping them learn how to be more effective in teaching History. In 2003 Gary received the Governor Generals Award for Excellence in Teaching Canadian History in recognition of his achievements.

You can contact Gary at: [email protected]

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